7 January 2017

Jld’a’s story


The Jld’a was built at Concarneau in 1947 and was based at the port of Lorient.
For twenty years it was used from June to September for fishing tuna in the Bay of Biscay, and from November to March for lobster fishing on the bench of Arguin before Mauritania.
Disarmed in 1969 in the ria of Etel, the tuna boat is brought to Toulon in 1972 and sails then to the pleasure boat.
The owner acquires it with his family in 1976 and restores it completely and then transforms it in order to sail to the professional sailing with passengers. It will take 10 years.
Since the ship is operated in front of the town hall of Toulon each summer for day trips.

Robust and rustic to face the sea of ​​Iroise, the Jld’a remains soft and pleasant at sea. Thus, it combines comfort and safety for the passengers.
The piano, a library and the sofa corner around a table encourage relaxation in the square.
The bridge of a large surface allows the sunny naps while observing the maneuvers of the sailors!



Length: 24 m
Surface bridge: 70 m2
Displacement: 65 T
Sail area: 220 m2