24 June 2017

Typical Day

Only in July & amp; August
(Maximum boarding capacity: 28 passengers)



  • 10h00 : Boarding in front of the town hall of Toulon and safety instructions.
  • 10h30 : Departure
    _Installation of the sails in the small harbor of Toulon.
    _Possible participation in maneuvers, initiation to the seaman.
    _Toast and refreshing drinks are served.
  • 12h30 : Mooring in a sheltered cove of wind and swell.
    _Swimming, rest
    _Equipment made available: 2 sea kayaks, palm kits mask and snorkels, bath frites, Zodiac 30 hp ..
  • 13h00: Aperitif rosé with green olives, black and savory biscuits
    _Lunch consisting of: tomato salad with basil, roasted poultry, potatoes and various sauces, tea & coffee; Biscuits (the meal is accompanied by fresh rosé and fresh drinks).
  • 16h00 : Departure from the creek and return to Toulon by sailing.
  • 18h00 : End of the day and disembarkation.